100 reasons to have a coffee

100 reasons

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1. Coffee saves legs that are tired from shopping.

2. Coffee can be enjoyed with veggie milk.
At Wayne’s, you can choose from soy milk, oat milk and coconut milk.

3.Coffee feels cozy.

4. Coffee doesn’t cost a lot.

5. Coffee can help with physical exercise.
Research on ten cyclists, who first had caffeine-free coffee and later tried regular coffee one hour prior to exercising, showed that their stamina improved significantly after drinking regular coffee. The cyclists, who exerted themselves, could go on for another fifteen minutes after ingesting 330 mg of caffeine, and they felt the exercise was less of a strain than when they had caffeine-free coffee beforehand. Read more >

6. Coffee is good for thinking.

7. Coffee makes carrot cake even tastier.

8. Coffee helps us seize the day..

9. Coffee reduces the risk of breast cancer.
Swedish scientist Helena Jernström has found that coffee reduces the risk of breast cancer, as caffeine reduces the cell growth in your breasts. Coffee doesn’t only have a preventative effect; it also improves the prognosis for those who suffer from breast cancer. The effect arises if you drink at least three cups a day and have the CYP1A2 genotype. Read more >

10. Coffee can be enjoyed in a creamy cappuccino.

11. Coffee can be enjoyed from a thermos flask.

12. Coffee is a social lubricant.
If you both drink coffee… well, then you have at least one thing in common.

13. Coffee can be enjoyed as Swedish filter coffee.

14. Coffee inspires Facebook posts.

15. Coffee can be enjoyed on the go.
An energising espresso is perfect for that.

16. Coffee can be enjoyed from a saucer.
A classic from granddad’s era.

17. Dinner can be planned while having coffee. 

18. Coffee is better than scented candles.

19. Coffee helps you focus better.
Especially when you’re at work or cramming for an important exam.

20. Coffee is perfect for dunking.

21. Coffee tastes great after a meal.

22. Coffee adorns your Instagram feed.
(Obviously. #pictureperfect)

23. Coffee can be enjoyed even if you’re full.

24. Coffee can be made of the perfect blend of beans.

25. Coffee can be enjoyed cold.
Yes, that’s right. Think Cold Brew Coffee.

26. Coffee takes a load off your mind.

27. Coffee gives you grown-up points.

28.Coffee is enjoyed in (nearly) every culture.

29. Coffee helps you bond with your granny.

30. Coffee can make you look intelligent.
Just sip an espresso with your nose deep in a book.

31. Coffee provides a reason to go to a café.

32. Coffee is great when you feel like treating someone.

33. Coffee can be had with a lump of sugar.

34. Coffee is a social ritual.

35. Coffee is perfect for procrastinating.
I’ll just have a coffee first…

36.Coffee is energising early in the morning.

37. Coffee can be enjoyed when you’re on your own.

38. Coffee goes great with a good book.

22. Coffee adorns your Instagram feed.

39. Coffee is easy to take away.

40. Coffee has many pet names,
just like our loved ones. Java, mocha, bean juice, cup of Joe, or – if it is truly weak – dirty water.

41. Coffee gives you more positive attitude to new people.
In an experiment, American scientists offered test subjects a cup of hot coffee or a cold drink to carry around while being introduced to a new acquaintance. Those who got hot coffee felt more joy when meeting the new acquaintance and thought more warmly of the person they met. Read more >

42. Coffee makes boring meetings more fun.

43. Coffee makes your work more fun.
This is equally true if you go to school or have a job.

44. Coffee gives you a reason to take a break.
Those little moments help you slow down a bit.

45. Coffee is warming in the winter.

46. Coffee goes hand in hand with to do-lists.
A cup of coffee gives you just the right amount of time to plan your day, week or holiday.

47. Coffee is trendy.

48. Coffee can actually be good for your digestion.
Dark-roast coffee beans contain a substance that reduces the secretion of gastric acid. Scientists at the university of Vienna has discovered that coffee is rich in a substance called N-methylpyridinium, which seems to block acid production in the cells.
Read more >

49. Coffee is a way of passing time.

50. Coffee makes good chocolate taste even better.

51. Coffee tastes extra nice on picnics.

52. Coffee can be enjoyed black.

53. Coffee is left well alone by children.
Thankfully, hardly any kids like coffee.

54. Coffee can be comforting during a job interview.

55. Coffee makes your homework easier.

56. Coffee can be order as a Flat White
A tripple espresso with light skimmed milk.

57. Coffee brings out your inner child.
When you discover a new flavour, scent or kind of coffee.

58. Coffee is free from pesticides (at least at Wayne’s).

59. Coffee can be made several ways.

60. Coffee is good for a quick chat.

61. Coffee can be unbelievably sweet.
At least if you like Turkish, Greek or Arabic coffee.

62. Coffee gives you a reason to visit Wayne’s.

63. Coffee is a great surprise.
If you surprise your colleagues with coffee, you become a hero at work.

64. Coffee is energising.

65. Coffee can protection you against serious illnesses.
According to a Finnish study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, coffee reduces the risk of developing dementia. In the study, three cups of coffee a day gave older women a better memory and reduced the risk of Parkinson’s disease by nearly 80 percent.
 Read more >

66. Coffee equals fika.
We usually mean coffee, right?

67. Coffee is a way to charge our batteries before physical exercise.

68. Coffee can be a small piece of art.
Our talented baristas can achieve incredible things with a little milk.

69. Coffee has been called Sweden’s national drink.

70. Coffee can be prepared as drip coffee
A real slow drink – with extra lot of flavor and aroma.

71. Coffee tastes great with a scrumptious breakfast.

72. It’s impossible to grow tired of coffee.
All true coffee drinkers know what we mean. Not to mention coffee connoisseurs, who adore new flavours.

73. Coffee gives you a reason to ask difficult questions.
Like how your old mate is really doing.

74. Coffee gives old friends a reason to meet up.

75. Coffee can be grown fairly.
It can be KRAV labelled and Fair Trade certified.

76. (Ice) coffee is refreshing.

77. Coffee gives you the opportunity to change environments.
Like when you are studying or working.

78. Coffee sounds cosy when it’s being brewed.

79. Coffee helps you through the evening cinema.

80. Coffee can be refilled.

81. Coffee can be enjoyed with cool music.

82. Coffee has an irresistible aroma.

83. A coffee can be huge or tiny.

54. Coffee can be comforting during a job interview.

84. Coffee goes perfectly with a crime film.
All cops love coffee and donuts. At least in Hollywood.

85. Coffee is an innocent vice.

86. Coffee strengthens your mind.
Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system and strengthens your short-term memory, making your more alert and improving your brain’s ability to process information. Read more >

87. Coffee is a reason to leave the comfort of your own home.

88. Coffee can be enjoyed in a coconut latte.

89. Coffee can be enjoyed caffeine-free.

90. Coffee can be enjoyed in a lovely china cup.

91. Coffee can be as sweet or as bitter as you like.

92. Coffee is a reason to be homesick.

93. Coffee is just as nice on a workday as at a party.

94. Coffee helps you reach your deadline.

95. Coffee can be enjoyed in a biodegradable cup.

96. Coffee can be ordered easily.
Coffee goes by almost the same name in most languages.

97. Coffee has no political colour.

98. Coffee can be enjoyed when you’re happy or when you’re sad.

99. Coffee adds some extra glamour to your flight.

100. Coffee is beautiful.